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What the world says about The Flying Masseur 

"Raz shines as a masseur with his dedication to healing and compassion for people. Raz is a rare person, a gentleman who cares deeply to attune to and attend others' needs. In addition to massage he is an expert at piano and hobbyist composer- this artistic side and ability to key in to the spiritual and emotive aspects of life imbue his practice with real connection. I highly recommend him!" 

-Caroline Baptista


"Due to bad back problems I have visited way too many therapists. Then I met Raz. Raz is simply the best masseur in London. 
His hands are magic. Without him I'd be in agony."


-Glenn Barden


"I was introduced to Raz by a friend and confirm that Raz's intuitive, excellent therapy and total professionalism are second to none. I am delighted to recommend this treatment and look forward to my next appointment. I have also presented a treatment as a highly appreciated gift to several friends."

-Fiona Agha


"I got to know Raz, quite well during the year he was in the US and consider him one of the most honourable and sincere persons I have known. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a person in their company that has complete integrity and high standards."

-Laurie Snow Hein


"Thank you @flying_masseur for the best therapeutic massage of my life."

-Wendy Ilas


To book your session, please call +44 (0)207 206 2608 or by emailing us at

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