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The Flying Masseur is a leading luxury therapy company in London providing a range of bespoke treatments to clients at their residences, hotels and offices.


A travelling therapist can be arranged to suit your requirements both nationally and internationally, why not get an instant Quote right here on our web site.


Our commitment is to provide highly effective therapeutic massage treatments to restore and maintain pain free functioning of your body.


The therapists at The Flying Masseur are health care professionals trained to assess a wide variety of conditions, and create appropriate treatments using several massage techniques, joint mobilization, rehabilitative and postural exercises.


Our therapists will also guide you on how to improve your body performance, injury prevention and motivate you to a more healthier lifestyle. All therapists are employed for their tremendous skills and most important detail of them all, client care.


This is a therapy company that strives to offer the best of the best. Hence our motto, 'a touch above the rest'.

We look forward in treating you.

To book your session with London's finest, please call +44 (0)207 206 2608 or by emailing us at

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