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Raz is an experienced therapist offering a wide range of bespoke treatments designed to meet the particular needs of the individual, promoting wellbeing and a deep sense of ease. 


Raz carries out his treatments with integrity and enjoys being able to facilitate deep relaxation, ease and a feeling of positivity in his clients. 


Raz understands that we all have inherent physical, mental and spiritual aspects to our being and carries out intuitive treatments which encompasses elements that each individual can benefit from.


You will feel relaxed, restored and revived. 


Raz is a firm advocate of the power of nature and uses a variety of superior quality oils that harness nature's abundant nourishing and healing qualities.


Raz's treatments are not only luxurious but also tailor-made for each of client. 


Raz to this day serves some of the most distinguished principals and families from around the world.

To book your session with Raz, please call +44 (0)207 206 2608 or by emailing us at

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